Who Are We?

The Washington Hispanic
We’re seen in all the right places

In Washington, success lies in whom you know and where you go. So if you want to reach the city’s powerful Latino market—now more than 1.3 million strong and growing rapidly—get acquainted with Washington Hispanic. A respected part of the community since 1994, Washington Hispanic is the key to reaching this largely untapped group of consumers with substantial, rising buying power.

Metro-area Hispanics rely on the paper to deliver international, national and local news each week in Spanish, their language of choice. Advertising in this independent, award-winning publication substantially increases the chances Hispanic consumers will buy your product—studies show that 94 percent of those who read Hispanic print media use the publication for shopping decisions.


Washington Hispanic is an authentic vehicle of social expression. It is based on the strongest of foundations: honesty, truth, mutual respect and trust. Its journalists—responsible and dedicated professionals—strive each and every day to promote the community as best as possible, celebrating the positive and denouncing the negative. Washington Hispanic wishes to contribute to the advancement of Hispanics in the United States, writing a page of history that will evoke pride in present and future generations.

Washington Hispanic is the only independent Spanish-language newspaper serving Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas, home to nearly 1,500,000 Hispanics. The paper has a high profile throughout the metro area:

157.500 estimated readers
45.000 copies printed each
week-Friday. ABC audited.
2.500 points of distribution in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia and Baltimore.
Distribution: 45,000

Available in boxes at 88 Metro stations and 800 positions throughout the city.

76,337 Washington*
796,182 Virginia*
611,270 Maryland*
1,483,789 TOTAL

* Source:U.S. Census Bureau as July, 2017.